The University of Illinois at Chicago is a tobacco-free campus. The presence of tobacco products at UIC poses a health risk for everyone on campus.

UIC has prohibited smoking indoors and near building entryways since 1995. The Tobacco-Free Campus Policy went into effect January 1, 2014. This policy was expanded the followinging year to comply with the Smoke-Free Campus Act (110 ILCS 64/1-99) which required all campuses in Illinois to institute disciplinary action, fines, and an appeals process for violation of this policy.

The Tobacco-Free Campus Policy applies to all forms of tobacco, including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, pipes, water pipes (hookahs), chew, electronic cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco products.




Beginning July 1, 2015, the State of Illinois mandated that smoking be prohibited on every campus of a state-supported institution of higher education. This applies to each campus, including buildings, grounds, parking lots, and vehicles owned and operated by universities; employees; guests; and students.

Each state-supported institution of higher education has the authority to implement the act accordingly and authorize and distribute all policies and regulations necessary for this purpose. This may include, but is not limited to, citations, fines, and disciplinary action.




In compliance with the State of Illinois Smoke-Free Campus Act, 110 ILCS 64/1-99, additional "no smoking" signs have been posted around campus and all ashtrays have been removed from university property. The UIC campus has instituted a system of citations and fines. The UIC Police Department now has the authority to issue citations and related fines for violations of the Tobacco-Free Campus policy.

Fines are issued according to the following schedule:

Violation Code Citation amount
First violation Warning only $0.00
Second violation Final warning only $0.00
Third violation Fine may be waived with completion of course $50.00
Fourth Mandatory fine $50.00
Fifth Mandatory fine $75.00
Sixth Mandatory fine $100.00

Individuals who observe someone smoking in a location prohibited by our policy should contact the UIC Police at the non-emergency number, 312.996.2830. Violations must be reported at the time they occur. Staff and faculty violators will be reported to UIC Human Resources and/or Faculty Affairs. Students in violation of the policy will be reported directly to the Dean of Student Affairs. Repeated violations by an individual may lead to disciplinary action.




Why did our campus go smoke-free?

By eliminating second-hand smoke, the Chicago campus underscores its commitment to providing a healthy learning environment for students and a healthy work environment for faculty and staff.

Establishing a smoke-free campus policy:

The campus’ new policy supports and builds upon the state’s Smoke-Free Illinois Act (410 ILC 82/) and complies with the Smoke-Free Campus Act (110 ILCS 64/1-99), which required all Illinois campuses to become smoke free as of July 1, 2015.

When did the University of Illinois at Chicago become smoke-free?

The Smoke-Free Campus Policy went into effect January 1, 2014 for the Chicago campus. On July 1, 2015 this policy was expanded to comply with the Smoke-Free Campus Act (110 ILCS 64/1-99) which required all campuses in Illinois to institute disciplinary action, fines, and an appeals process.

Are there designated smoking areas on campus?

No. Smoking is prohibited on all campus property. Those choosing to smoke must do so at least 15 feet from any property owned or controlled by the campus. Please consult the Smoke-Free Campus map at for more information about campus boundaries.

What about basketball games, concerts or other public events?

All events occurring on campus property are covered by the smoke-free policy.

Can people smoke in their own vehicles within the smoke-free campus?
What about in university vehicles?

Yes, you are allowed to smoke in your private vehicles. Smoking in university vehicles has been prohibited for several years and remains so under this policy.

My citation says that my fine can be waived if I complete an online course. How do I do that?

If you received your citation for a third violation of the Smoke-Free Campus policy, you have the option of either paying the fine according to the instructions on the front of the citation or completing UIC's Nicotine 101 course here. This online course must be completed within 72 hours of the issuance of the citation.

I am a student and I received a citation. What are my options?

Student citations may also be referred to the Office of the Dean of Students for disciplinary action through the student conduct process. Students will be notified upon receipt of this smoking citation. Outcomes rendered in the student conduct process are independent of the prescribed consequences listed in this citation.

I am a staff/faculty/visitor and I received a citation. What are my options?

Staff and faculty citations may be referred to UIC Human Resources for disciplinary action. Staff/faculty will be notified upon receipt of this smoking citation.

How can I appeal this citation?

All student appeals must go through the Dean of Students Office by going to and all faculty/staff appeals must go through Human Resources by going to Appeals must be submitted within 15 calendar days of the violation date and the citation must be paid in full before you may file an official appeal. An appeals board made up of faculty, staff and students will review appeals and other relevant information in making a determination. The appeals board will notify the appellant of their decision within 10 business days.

Who should I contact for additional information about the Illinois Smoke-Free Campus Act?


Visitor Questions

University of Illinois at Chicago
Police Department
943 West Maxwell Street
Rm. 210 (M/C 278)
Chicago, Illinois 60608
(312) 996-2830

Staff/Faculty Questions

University of Illinois at Chicago
UIC Human Resources
715 S. Wood Street
Suite 109, (M/C 862)
Chicago, IL 60612
(312) 996-0840

Student Questions

University of Illinois at Chicago
The Wellness Center
750 South Halsted Street
Rm. 238 (M/C 894)
Chicago, Illinois 60607
(312) 413-2120




Most smokers or tobacco users know they should quit but are not sure how. Research shows that creating a quit-smoking plan may improve your chances of stopping for good. No matter how old you are or how long you’ve smoked, quitting can help you live a longer and healthier life. UIC understands that to have the best chance of quitting and staying a non-smoker, you need to know where to go for help. Below are some helpful resources related to smoking cessation.

Tobacco Treatment Center, Outpatient Care Center

The University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences System, Pulmonary and Digestive Clinic sponsors a Tobacco Treatment Center. For more information, contact 312.413.4244. The treatment plan is covered by most insurance plans. Read more at the Tobacco Treatment Center.

The Wellness Center at UIC

The Wellness Center at UIC provides health and wellness information, educational programs and skill-building activities to the UIC community to encourage students, staff and faculty to make healthy choices. Read more at The Wellness Center at UIC.

Illinois Tobacco Quit Line: 1-866-QUIT-YES (1-866-784-8937)

The Department of Public Health and American Lung Association of Illinois, offers a free "quit kit" as well as support via online chat or phone with tobacco-treatment counselors. Read more at The Illinois Tobacco Quit Line.

Become an Ex

This website was developed by a nonprofit organization in partnership with the Mayo Clinic. Free services include tools to create a personalized plan to stop smoking, blogs and online discussions. Read more at

The website of the National Cancer Institute, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services offers information on how to quit smoking as well as free services that include a text messaging program and ways to show support for friends and family who are trying to quit. Read more at

Respiratory Health Association

Learn more about strategies for quitting smoking and other quit-smoking resources.

All members of the campus community, faculty, staff, students, patients and visitors, share responsibility for respecting and abiding by this policy. Join UIC in ensuring a healthy environment for our campus community and those we support.

“No individual or campus unit may discriminate or retaliate against any person who makes a complaint of a violation of the Act or furnishing information concerning a violation to a person, campus, or governing authority.” Read more at the Respiratory Health Association.